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    Gloriously Incompetent and Gleefully Terrible
    And yet with a group of pals you would be hard pressed to find a better time. Absolutely nothing make sense. Physics and natural laws are ignored. Horrible CGI and cringe-worthy dialog. Outrageous continuity exceeded only by horrible color correction and clunky editing. The all together wooden acting no doubt achieved in single takes is sincere, earnest and fails on levels that should win awards.
    And you can’t stop watching. My friends, yelled, la

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    i don’t know who to talk about my feelings with but i made an account because i feel safe here and i feel lonely pretty often these times and I have friends and a good family but i feel like my friends don’t like me and it sucks being alone and almost none of my friends ever text me too except when I do it first and i don’t know what to do

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